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Introducing the Soft Spa 9500 Electronic Bidet

On average, we spend 13.5 minutes a day on the toilet.

At Fluidmaster, we've been refining toilet technology for over 60 years to make those 13.5 minutes the easiest, most comfortable minutes of your day.

Don't settle for less than luxury when caring for your precious peach.

You deserve to be pampered.

Learn What Makes Soft Spa Better 

We know that a bidet might seem a little *out there* for some of you. You have, after all, been conditioned to use rough, often irritating paper on your most delicate parts.

But have no fear! Not only does your new Soft Spa come with all the bells and whistles, it also comes with free shipping and is backed by Fluidmaster's 5-year limited warranty, as well as support from our product experts.

We know you have options, but why not go with the brand that's been revolutionizing the toilet industry for over 60 years? Ditch the TP and lounge in luxury with the Soft Spa 9500.

We put the AAH in Spa
Key Features 
  • Slim profile fits seamlessly in your bathroom without compromising your style
  • Heated Seat. Trust us; you'll wonder how you ever lived without it
  • Water temperature adjusts instantly with the touch of a button
  • Warm Air Dryer provides a complete and total clean. TP optional
  • Dryer Temperature Control to dry your peach juuuuust right
  • Front and Rear Washes with 5 different positions to reach the right spot every time.
  • Water Pressure Controls to clean your unique peach completely and comfortably
  • Deodorizer for discreet trips to the loo
  • Night-light illuminates the room for late-night trips to the loo
Soft Spa

Universal Fit

No matter the shape or size of the toilet, Soft Spa fits perfectly!

Elongated bowl: Fits with no overhang

Round bowl: Fits with some overhang

Happy Bum Happy Life

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